July 2017

As we count down the days to the September election, the main economic fundamentals remain pretty much unchanged, which means that the NZ economy will remain in good shape for some time yet.   With Auckland growing at what some consider an alarming rate, the major issues of transport, infrastructure and housing affordability are affecting every business.

It is a real concern that there is no big picture plan, only tinkering.  It is nearly 60 years since the harbour bridge opening, with no plan for a second harbour crossing.   We need a rail system that can move large numbers in and out of Auckland central, and the airport as many other cities have, with an efficient rail network linking Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga. Continued reliance on an improved road network is not a long-term solution on its own, but it will certainly help. The recent very high immigration has rapidly highlighted the many years of underspend on transport and infrastructure and catch-up is going to be very expensive and take considerable time.

On a more positive note, New Zealand business is at the forefront of being digitally engaged, with IT being an essential component of every business nowadays, big or small.   Whilst this rapid adoption of new technologies provides many obvious benefits to the business, it does at the same time make us totally reliant on technology and the required expertise around that, and we need the support and back-up when the system ‘goes down’.

Make sure you check out the latest GETBA FOCUS magazine which is themed around Business Resilience, highlighting the necessity for business interruption planning and corresponding communication when critical technology or other infrastructure services suddenly stop functioning.

Earlier this year GETBA became aware that twenty businesses in lower Lady Ruby Drive were suffering from ongoing power outages. We advocated on behalf of these businesses and Vector recently installed a replacement cable and new network link pillar. Contact GETBA if you’re experiencing issues with Council or your infrastructure provider and would like us to troubleshoot on your behalf.

Richard Poole