Security Alerts

Business approached by suspicious person on Greenmount Drive



A business in Greenmount Drive was today approached by a female who claimed to be from Google 3D and said she needed to film inside the premises. The young lady spoke with a French accent and was of average build and height with medium length fair hair and was wearing a navy jacket with a Google 3D logo, jeans and sneakers.  She was carrying a burgundy backpack and an iPad and was unable to produce any identification. 

If you or your staff receive a similar approach, please contact the Police.

"Making East Tamaki Safer"


Employee approached to steal from business



An employee at one of our local businesses involved in the building industry was approached by a known customer and offered a financial inducement to steal from that business. The person is male and drives a white Mitsubishi L300 van, registration CAW594. The incident has been reported to the Police, reference 171006/9133.

Please contact the Police quoting this reference number if you or your employees receive similar approaches.

"Making East Tamaki Safer"


Attempted theft



If you recognise the male and female in the images below please contact the Police immediately. They were interrupted attempting to steal metal from a property in Andromeda Crescent yesterday afternoon. The vehicle they were driving is a silver 2006 Ford Mondeo registration DPU200.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Suspicious activity



A Maori couple in their forties have visited a business near Greenmount Drive twice this week. When approached, the female asked for scrap metal to “raise funds for her son’s sport to go overseas” and was found at the back of the same premises today accompanied by a male.

The female is described as being short, chubby and well spoken and the male as thin and wearing a Hi-Viz top.  They were driving a Black Mitsubishi Chariot EAD405.

Please notify Police if you see these people or this vehicle.

"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Theft from Highbrook business



The same offender has again targeted a business at The Crossing at Highbrook and the below pictures show him entering and leaving the building. The offender is driving a 2002 blue Toyota IST Registration FFP931.  The picture of the vehicle was taken when he last stole from this business.
If you recognise this person or sight him or the vehicle, please contact the police immediately quoting File # 170422/0205.



"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Stolen trailer



A large tandem trailer loaded with a self contained studio cabin was stolen from a Lorien Place property in the early hours of Monday morning (24th April).  
The theft was carried out by three males in a light coloured Nissan Patrol station wagon (possibly 1990’s) with a long wheel base. The vehicle had special spotlights on the rear bumpers.  
If you have seen the trailer, cabin, vehicle or person in the pictures below please contact the police immediately.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Criminal activity in Lorien Place



Lorien Place has been targeted overnight recently with offenders stealing licence plates, hot water cylinders and a trailer.

All businesses should be extra vigilant with the security of buildings and contents and check CCTV’s and security systems are functioning correctly.

If you need to leave vehicles or trailers on site overnight, ensure they are locked and further secured with a wheel clamp or steering lock in the case of a car.  

Please notify Police if you see any suspicious activity.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Suspicious vehicle



A vehicle known to be used by prolific property crime offenders has been seen in the local area. Offenders target tools from vehicles or building sites and are active day and night. 


Red 2000 Mazda CAPELLA Stationwagon, reg. JSG 213

Please contact Police if you see this vehicle.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Do you recognise this man or vehicle?



The images below show an offender who has broken into a local business on two occasions: Sunday 12 March and again this morning, both times between 7.30am - 8.15am. On the first occasion he stole a secure document bin and today broke into a locked key box with a view to accessing secured areas.

The offender is a young Caucasian with short fair hair of medium height and slim build. He is driving a metallic blue Toyota IST, registration FFP 931.

If you have information about this offender or his vehicle, please contact the police quoting file number 170314/0400.



"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Theft from Neales Road



Below is a video showing an offender stealing a white GT Helion Full Suspension Mountain Bike from a Neales Road property on Wednesday 8th February.  The person in the video is believed to be of Pacific Island or Maori descent, approximately 5.7”.

This person has subsequently been seen several times around the same area – always around late afternoon and could possibly work locally.



If you recognise this person please contact Police on 09 261 1300 quoting file #1702089785.

"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Trailer stolen



A GETBA member has reported that a trailer was stolen from their yard on Trugood Drive on either Monday or Tuesday night this week. The theft took place whilst the member was working late onsite.  The trailer is quite unique, with all stainless construction and removable ply sides. Registration is 3T203, year is 2015

Please contact Police if you see the trailer or saw anything suspicious in the vicinity. 

NB: All vehicles left onsite overnight should be locked, wheel clamped or fitted with a steering lock.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Security: A reminder



Police have advised that there has been a recent spate of theft from vehicles in the local area, and an increase in truck batteries being stolen in neighbouring areas.

Don't make it easy for thieves! Please remember to remove all valuables and bags from vehicles and ensure that you secure your yard and trucks. For more information on how to do this, check out our Security Resources.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"

Suspicious individuals



Two men were seen acting suspiciously at a business on Neilpark Drive yesterday around 5.30pm. One male entered the building under the pretence of purchasing food and when confronted, he ran off.

Both men are of Pacific Island or Maori descent in their mid-20's. The male who entered the business was wearing a grey cap and hoody, is approx. 1.75m tall with short, curly black hair and a moustache.

They were driving a 1998 silver Toyota Altezza with a spoiler, registration plate GKL269. 

Please notify Police if you see these men or this vehicle.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"