GETBA is focused on the efficient movement of freight and people

East Tamaki is a major employment hub for 30,000 staff. The efficient movement of both freight and people is key to the ability of businesses to improve productivity and to attract and retain staff.

Our transport strategy takes a two-pronged approach to addressing congestion:

  • Advocating for roading infrastructure improvements (e.g. East-West Link and local roads), and
  • Supporting local businesses with travel planning (Commute Alternatives)

Public Transport Eastern Network

December 2017
The new eastern bus network took effect on 10 December. In late 2015 GETBA consulted with local companies and their employees...

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AMETI: Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative

December 2017
Auckland Transport have been negotiating with individual property owners along Ti Rakau Drive on the design and land acquisition requirements of the Pakuranga to Botany stage of this project...

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East-West Connections

October 2017
The new government has put a halt to advancement of the East West connections roading project...

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Draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2015/25 (RLTP)

March 2015
This is the sister document to the Draft Long Term PlanThe Draft RLTP requires feedback on options for a Basic Transport Network or an Advanced Network (The Auckland Plan Network). Under the Basic option...

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Public Transport Southern Network 2015 - successful submission!

GETBA made a submission after consulting with local businesses on the impact of the proposed changes, and we can now proudly confirm that three of the changes...

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Delayed planned roading developments

  •  Gossamer/Trugood/Cryers/Harris area

Auckland Transport are proposing to create an extra lane from Ti Rakau into Gossamer in 2018 as an interim measure prior to AMETI (2025!). We continue to lobby for a roundabout at the corner of Cryers Road and Trugood Drive.

  • Widening of Smales and Allens Roads and new intersection

Construction originally set for 2016 - 2017, dependent on funding. Since allocated a lower priority and no funding allocated at this point.

  • Realignment of the Preston/East Tamaki and Ormiston Road intersection

Construction originally set for 2015 - 2016, dependent on funding. Since allocated a lower priority and no funding allocated at this point.

NB: Auckland Transport has regular progress updates on projects as well as weekly notifications of roadworks disruptions.