A risk management approach to establishing and maintaining security in your business

During a two-year project commencing in 2006, a collaborative approach was taken between Police, Security Consultants, Manukau City Council and GETBA to find and evaluate useful information to help our businesses become less vulnerable to crime.


We undertook and documented a number of case studies, ran a series of seminars for businesses and produced checklists for business people to evaluate their security needs and cover.

One of our consultants, Jack Hayes, introduced the thinking that criminal activity is only one of the risks to which our businesses are exposed. He outlined a number of cases where businesses were seriously compromised by risks other than criminal activity; risks which had never been evaluated or provided for in the business plan.

As a result, we commissioned Jack to produce a series of spreadsheets for companies to work through and identify a much wider range of risks. Once identified, these are able to be ranked and mitigating action taken to forestall them.

To use these documents to evaluate the level of risk for your business, double click on each icon and if prompted, choose Excel to open this document. This document is now your version that you can save to your desktop as a workable document to keep on file and address regularly.

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