Security Alerts

Suspicious Vehicle and Occupants



Around 9.30 this morning and again about 1.10pm a white 2004 Holden Commodore, registration BZU598 with two male Polynesian occupants, drove slowly up and down the driveway of a multi-tenanted site in Cryers Road and appeared to be looking in the roller doors of the businesses.

If you see this vehicle and its occupants and are concerned about their behaviour please contact the Police. 



"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Suspicious Vehicle/People in Cryers Road



Just after 8 am this morning, the three people in the photo below entered a building in Cryers Road and tried several locked doors.  When one of the males went upstairs he was approached by a staff member and quickly left.   Their vehicle – a black Toyota Estima Registration HUW600 – was parked at a neighbouring business.  This vehicle has been noticed in and around the East Tamaki area on five occasions in the last two weeks.

If you see these people or this vehicle please contact the Police.

If the entry to your building is left unattended at any time, please ensure that valuables are secure and internal doors are locked.





"Making East Tamaki Safer"


Attempted Theft Kerwyn Avenue



At 3.30 this afteoon the person in the picture below attempted to steal large aluminium extractor fans from premises in Kerwyn Avenue.  He drove confidently to the rear of the building which indicated he had probably had a look around before and knew where to go.  When confronted, the person who appeared to be acting alone, could give no good reason for being on the premises and quickly left driving the vehicle in the picture, a white 1998 Nissan Bluebird, registration BYP645.

If you see this person acting suspiciously please contact the Police.





"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Suspicious Vehicle/Persons



A business in Crooks Road has reported a low riding white Ford Ute, registration AAW505 with a driver and 2 passengers cruising very slowly and somewhat suspiciously through their carpark at 9:35 am this moing. The driver was described as wearing dark glasses and had a bushy beard.  

If you see this vehicle or person and have conces about their behaviour please contact the Police.





"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Caught on camera



Just after 5 pm last night, the person in the photos below, entered a business in Bishop Browne Place and stole cash from an unattended reception area.  After a brief conversation with a staff member he then left the premises in a stolen red Kia Rio, registration plate GHE294.

If you see this person or vehicle please contact the Police and quote File Number 180823/4711


"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Courier Approached



At approximately 1 pm today, a courier driver was loading his vehicle at a customer’s premises in Arwen Place when he was approached by two males who demanded they be given a parcel.

They are described as Maori or Polynesian, of large build, in their late 20’s and were in an early model grey BMW sedan, registration ALL177.

If you see this vehicle and it’s occupants, please contact the Police.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Suspicious Cyclist



Late this moing, the male in the pictures below was riding one of the Onzo bike share cycles around a business carpark in Burswood Drive.  He had no good reason for being in the carpark and attempted to look inside the businesses situated there. 

If you see this person and have conces about their behaviour please contact the Police.











"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Theft of truck batteries, wheels, steel and alloy


The people in the picture below have been caught on camera stealing the above items in Franklin over the last few months.  They could well be operating in the East Tamaki area too so please be on the lookout as the truck is quite distinctive. If you sight the vehicle or people in the photo please contact the Police.


"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Suspicious Person



The male in the photos below was seen acting suspiciously around premises in Springs Road at the same time as courier parcels went missing. This person was seen earlier in the week and again today.  

If you see this person and have conces about their behaviour please contact the Police.





"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Courier Package Stolen



Late this moing, a courier package awaiting collection was stolen from the entrance to a Springs Road business.  Two males wearing hi-viz vests  drove up in a small white hatchback.  When questioned they said they were there to pick up the courier package which they then did and sped south down Springs Road.

Please ensure your packages awaiting courier pickup are supervised so your business is not adversely affected by this type of opportunist offence and contact the Police if you witness any such event


"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Suspicious Person/Vehicle



A Pacific Island male, aged around 30, 5’ 7”, of stocky build and with long hair, entered various premises in Greenmount Drive at around 12.40 pm today and was driving a silver Subaru Impreza, registration EKC973. This person had no valid reason for entering the premises and was wearing industrial overalls that were blue on the bottom and orange high viz on the top.


If you see this person and have conces about their behaviour please contact the Police.



"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Suspicious Behaviour



The person in the picture on the right was seen looking into parked cars in Birmingham Road yesterday. 


If you see this person and have conces about their behaviour please contact the Police. 





"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Suspicious Person & Vehicle



One of our members noticed suspicious activity in Zelanian Drive around 1-1.30pm yesterday.  

A male was walking down the street looking in to properties and vehicles on both sides of the road, and appeared to try and gain access to a black vehicle parked on the road.  He was being followed by another male driving a 1992 White Toyota Corona, registration ZH2311, see picture below.  

The male who was walking is described as being of Maori or Pacific Island descent, approximately 6 ft tall and of stocky build.  He had short hair and was wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket.


Please be alert for the vehicle and people described and contact the Police if you are conceed about their behaviour.




"Making East Tamaki Safer"



East Tamaki Crime Update



The local crime rate has spiked in the last six weeks or so and appears to be concentrated in three categories.


Auto industry targeted 
The Auto industry has been targeted - both vehicle and parts traders - and offenders appear to have a clear idea of the items they are looking for.  If your business is in this industry please urgently review your security systems and seek professional advice to ensure your property/goods are well protected.  Visit the business directory section of the website to find a local security advisor.


Truck batteries
Truck batteries have been stolen from a number of local sites and this is thought to be related to the use of acid from the batteries in the production of methamphetamine.  If you have or could be affected by this type of crime, you should ensure your vehicles are parked in such a way that access to the batteries is difficult for offenders.   You may also wish to investigate the possibility of installing a cover for your batteries that is secured with a closed shank padlock.


Vehicle related thefts
There has been an unprecedented surge in the instance of vehicle related theft.   The majority of these occurrences involve insecure vehicles or where owners have left valuables inside.  This type of crime is very preventable and despite frequent waings from the Police, GETBA and other organisations vehicle owners continue to be negligent. 

  • Do not leave vehicles unlocked
  • If your vehicle has an alarm/immobiliser, ensure it is fully functional.  If your vehicle doesn’t have an existing security system, purchase a steering wheel lock and use it.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle, whether in sight or not
  • Do not leave a remote garage door opener in your vehicle when it is unoccupied.


Please advise your staff to be alert and contact the Police if you are conceed about any suspicious behaviour.




"Making East Tamaki Safer"



Attempted theft in Allens Road



Around 5.30 last evening, a European male wearing a black hoodie attempted to take pallets from within the property of a business in Allens Road. When approached he quickly left in a silver Toyota Harrier station wagon CUJ263 – see photo below.

The pallets were neatly stacked against the building and could not have been considered to be free to the public. 

Please be alert for this person and vehicle, and as always, ensure that any items located outside your building are made secure.

Contact the Police if you are conceed about any suspicious behaviour.



"Making East Tamaki Safer"