Security Resources

Simple, cost effective solutions to common security issues


Issue: Staff / customer vehicles being broken into

Solution: Remove everything from view inside your vehicle and lock it securely.

Stow valuables in boot of vehicle - goods inside your vehicle can be an open invitation to thieves.

Contact GETBA on 273 6274 or e-mail us to request one of these signs for your premises.



Issue: Number plates being stolen from vehicles

Solution: Swap old number plate screws for new, tamper-proof screws

GETBA can do this for you free of charge - call 273 6274 or e-mail us to book a site visit.



Issue: Cash registers targeted by thieves 

Solution: Empty till at the end of each working day.

Sit it on the counter in full view to show it is obviously empty.

Place No Cash on Premises sign at entry points.

Contact GETBA on 273 6274 or e-mail us to request one of these signs for your premises.


Issue: Truck batteries being stolen

Solution: Install point to point beams along yard perimeters and cages around truck batteries. 

Mark batteries with company details, making it difficult for offenders to sell them.

Park trucks in a way that makes access to batteries difficult.

All vehicles should be locked, wheel clamped or fitted with a steering lock.

Attach a GPS device to yard padlocks and/or batteries. These provide an alert when tampered with and can be linked to a tracking system.


Issue: Opportunist thieves stealing workplace toolsBarrier

Solution: Install expandable door barriers across roller door entry points to prevent opportunist theft.





Ram raids through doors and wallsBollards & Planters

Solution: Install bollards along vulnerable windows and walls. Keep them well maintained and they can be an attractive addition to your premises.






Issue: Vulnerability of buildings storing valuable goodsSensor

Solution: A sound barrier device is designed to
sound at the highest pitch possible to make it
impossible for anyone to enter premises once its siren
has been activated by well-placed sensors.

Strobe lighting works in the same way as the sound barrier and can be installed at the same time for extra protection of valuable goods.




Issue: Items being stolen from yardsBuilding sites, especially building sites under development and onsite containers containing valuable goods. 

Solution: Wireless security is now available for work
site or container protection, such as perimeter sensors or point to point beams.

Stand-alone equipment can put an electronic barrier around what you need protected. If this barrier is penetrated the alarm will be activated to notify either your monitoring station or your smartphone, depending on the set up chosen.



Issue: Glass windows easily accessed by intrudersPrickly plants

Solutions: Plant prickly shrubs under vulnerable windows to discourage thieves e.g. pyracantha,
hawthorn, beriberi etc.
Glass smashing noise activator
will be useful in a situation where there are other windows in close
proximity. This is wired to your usual sensors and
then when glass is broken, the noise activates the
alarm to notify either your monitoring station or your
smartphone, depending on the set up chosen.



Issue: Staff vehicles stolenCar thief

Solution: Keep an eye out for people in vehicles or
hanging around your office car park that do not
appear to have a purpose. Particularly at close of
business, look out for any people in vehicles that may
be parked watching. Call 111 if behaviour is
suspicious. Note vehicle registrations and description
of vehicle and occupants where possible. Protect vehicles by installing an ignition cutout switch or shield, battery isolator or vehicle alarm system.




Issue: Door broken into – needsLatch plate strengthening

Solution: Install good length (approx. 1 metre) solid
metal security bar
down the opening side of your
outside door to prevent it being ‘jimmied’.






Issue: Unwanted vehicles entering premises after hours

Solution:  Erect a mobile barrier e.g. chain, cone & sign.

Fastening a chain across the driveway with No Unauthorised Entry sign on it at the end of your business day is a disincentive to entry.





Issue: Thieves gaining access through roof

Solution: Regularly empty rubbish bins and remove any drums, pallets etc. to prevent thieves using them as natural ladders to your roof. Review the layout of your yard and, where possible, move ‘natural ladders’ at least two metres from boundary fences.



 Issue: Unattended Reception/Entrance

Solution: Install a door monitoring system (buzzer alert to allow manual activation of door)






Issue: Opportunist thieves wandering on to your site

Solution: Erect good sized signage at strategic points about no stealing, no unauthorised access on fences and/or entry points.

If an area is clearly not authorised for access then Police can act.

Install CCTV that is activated by a motion sensor and can be monitored on your smartphone or home computer. Place large signs around to show you have cameras.

Smartphone Monitoring can be set up to alert you when your burglar alarm is activated, the camera will allow you to see whether there is anyone obviously on site. You have the option to request a visit from a security company or dial 111 to alert Police there is someone on site breaking in.


Contact GETBA on 09 273 6274, or e-mail us to receive a laminated hanger summarising all of the above.



Additional security resources


In 2006 GETBA secured Ministry of Justice funding for a two-year crime prevention project in partnership with the NZ Police. The project deployed specialist expertise including Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) consultants.


One of the project outcomes was a comprehensive set of crime prevention and security resources including:

> Security checklist

> Risk assessment tool

> Choosing a security provider