7 ways to prevent retail crime through CPTED principles

Developed as part of a Ministry of Justice funded Community Safety Project focused on reducing the vulnerability of the largely migrant retail Burswood precinct to crime. These short video clips provide simple, practical, cost effective steps using international Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

GETBA acknowledges the contribution of project partners NZ Police and the Asian Council on Reducing Crime (ACRC).


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1 Control access to your business 
  • Clearly define entrances and exits
  • Monitor who comes in and out
  • Restrict access to hiding places/escape routes
  • Secure access points
  • Light outdoor areas well


2 See and be seen 
  • Keep shelves low and create gaps
  • Use mirrors to see blind spots
  • Keep windows clear
  • Keep shrubbery low
  • Light outdoor areas well


3 Clearly define the layout 
  • Keep the counter near the entrance
  • Secure staff-only areas
  • Keep expensive goods secured
  • Direct customers with clear signs
  • Eliminate hiding places


4 Show your business is cared for 
  • Make your premises attractive
  • Keep your shelves clean and tidy
  • Keep paintwork and signs fresh
  • Remove graffiti immediately
  • Clear rubbish regularly


5 Use active security measures 
  • Install CCTV inside and outside
  • Get advice before choosing security systems
  • Lock access ways at night
  • Alarm points of entry and exit


6 Manage and maintain your business well 
  • Keep minimal cash onsite
  • Regularly secure takings in a safe
  • Bank at different times and conceal cash
  • Open and empty the till at the end of the day
  • Undertake regular maintenance


7 Train staff to be vigilant - eyes on the street 
  • Greet customers with eye contact
  • Watch for suspicious activity inside and out
  • Join a crime prevention programm