Minimising waste in your business

There is no Council curbside collection in the East Tamaki business precinct, so many recycleables get thrown in the bin with organic waste and ultimately end up in landfill. Separating your recycleables and reducing waste to landfill can save you $$$$, and we have a responsibility as a business community to make socially conscious waste management decisions. We are committed to assisting you in this process.


In 2014 with funding from Auckland Council's Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund, we undertook a feasibility study into waste minimisation in East Tamaki. Download a copy of the Feasibility Report here.

Since then we have introduced a number of initiatives and resources to assist local businesses to minimise waste to landfill. These include educational forums, annual pallet collections and recycling initiatives below.

Pallet Collection/Recycling

Thanks to the 60 local businesses that participated in the November 2018 free pallet collection and recycling which resulted in a total of 90 tonnes of waste being diverted from landfill to recycling.

Roughly 419.5 tonnes has been diverted from landfill since we began in 2014.

Food Waste Initiative for GETBA Members - extended to Dec!


ecobagsNZ are providing a free drop-off disposal point at their premises for food waste. GETBA members can take advantage of this opportunity to try their plastic-free Compostable Bin Liners together with a small Compost Bin.  Click here for more information.

Ecobags will only accept food waste in Ecobags/Ecopack Bin Liners because they are Certified Compostable. 

Food waste sent into a landfill creates methane gas that is 23 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. This contributes greatly to the greenhouse effect and climate change. 

This initiative is to encourage local businesses to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill. The food waste drop-off point will be accessible between 8.30-5pm until 20 December, at 7C Echelon Place, East Tamaki. For more information contact Ecobags on 09 279 9919 or email:


Pass it on - finding a new life for used items


This web facility enables GETBA members to submit unsaleable items, seconds, used electronic equipment or appliances, useful manufacturing by-products, or any other items that are clogging up your business place! If you have a storage room in your business that’s getting filled with stuff you’ll never use again, or you’re sick of seeing useful by-products being discarded from the production line, check out the ‘Pass it on’ page.


East Tamaki Recycling Directory

This comprehensive directory provides information on what materials can be recycled, where to recycle them, and who to contact. 


Free Plastic Recycling 
Waste Minimisation card

This free service provides a local recycling point at the East Tamaki Transfer Station for GETBA members to dispose of  type 2 (HDPE) - which includes milk and juice bottles, ice cream containers, shampoo, chemical and detergent bottles & type 4 (LDPE) – which includes squeeze bottles, black irrigation tube and rubbish bins. Types 2 & 4 in the chart below include soft plastics and we are hoping to also have this option available in the near future. You can also recycle glass bottles and cans free of charge, but all items must be separated. Download a full chart of the plastic types here which can also be used as a guideline for your workplace.


*To utilise this service you must obtain a GETBA Waste Minimisation Card (see above) by contacting Karen Hadley at the GETBA office.



Love Food Hate Waste

The government has launched an initiative to tackle the problem of more than 100,000 tonnes of food being wasted every year. Waste industry body WasteMINZ has partnered with 59 councils in the $1 million project to educate New Zealanders on ways to reduce the amount of food being sent to landfill each year.

The campaign is about changing attitudes and getting people to think about reducing food waste in the same way recycling has become the norm over the past generation.

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Waste Minimisation Network

We have created a Waste Minimisation Network Group via  which is made up of local businesses and industry experts. This is an open forum to discuss waste issues facing businesses in East Tamaki, and provide tips and advice about diverting waste from landfill. This has already proven helpful to those involved and we hope to build on that further by extending the audience, and providing regular updates about the waste industry.




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