Waste Minimisation Forum

Reduce Waste and Save Money, 15 November 2016


GETBA members learnt how to measure how much waste their company generates, what it's composed of, and how much could be reduced, reused or diverted. 



  • Simon Wilkinson, Managing Director, Wilkinson Environmental explained how to undertake a simple waste review in your business. 
  • Dave Cuff, General Manager, Facilities & Environmental Management, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare outlined his company’s progress towards achieving zero waste.


Waste Minimisation Forum, 29 October 2015


GETBA members enjoyed this opportunity to hear from two local businesses and two industry experts on how to minimise waste effectively in their business.



  • Gary Dalhousie, Cafe Business Manager, Bell Tea & Coffee (BTCC). Gary outlined the steps BTCC have taken to reduce waste in their business as part of their commitment to Environmental Sustainability. He also shared how they've gone about changing the mindset of production staff to minimise waste and increase efficiency.

  • Richard Poole, Managing Director, Mitek NZ. Richard shared his first hand experience of successfully minimising waste, and saving money, by instigating and maintaining initiatives in a medium sized business – even motivating employees to recycle their domestic metal and plastic scraps!

  • Simon Wilkinson, Managing Director, Wilkinson Environmental. Simon is an Environmental Specialist, and has worked with leading organisations such as Fletcher Construction and Genesis Energy to help minimise waste. He shared professional advice about Auckland's waste issues, and the benefits of minimising waste.

Facilitator: Matthew Luxon, Managing Director, Envision NZ, experienced environmental and economic sustainability consultant.