Council regulatory information

This page has links to useful Auckland Council regulatory information.


> Rates and valuations

> Licenses and regulations

> Building consents

> Resource consents

> New food safety regulations

> Signs

> Rubbish and recycling

> Bylaws under review

> Council plans and strategies


For the Auckland Council local service centre: phone 301 0101 (24/7) for assistance, reporting or information on rates, roading, traffic, road signs, street lighting, dog control, refuse disposal, noise control, environment nuisance, land information memoranda, statistical enquiries, kerbside recycling, and after hours emergency calls.


Grafffiti: To deal with graffiti issues contact Manukau Beautification's Graffiti Manager, Scott Henderson, or on Ph 269 4080. NB free removal if visible from the road, otherwise MBT will provide a quote.

Auckland Transport: For issues with roads, footpaths, public transport, parking, traffic signals and street lights Ph 355 3553 (24/7)

Watercare: To report a fault with water and wastewater or street drains Ph 442 2222 (24/7) or free text 3130 or email

Contact GETBA on Ph 273 6274 if you need assistance to escalate the matter.